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Torpedo Boyz - Any Trash, Professor Abacus?
7" Vinyl

Torpedo Boyz

Any Trash, Professor Abacus?


Released: 20th October 2017 | 2 track funk single

With a new single just released (Roadside), accompanied by a groovy video, and a Greatest Hits album in the pipeline, it is time to look at Torpedo Boyz from a new perspective.

After more than 10 years in the business, four acclaimed albums in the discography (Headache Music, Cum On Feel The Boyz, Return Of The Ausländers and Don't Cry) a collection of Greatest Hits will be released in October 2017 featuring all time classics and never out of fashion tunes like Gimme A Bassline, Ich Bin Ausländer (Leider Zum Glück) or The Disco Song.

Right in time for this release Légère Recordings asked Boca 45, their favourite 7inch DJ and remix expert, to deliver his versions of the Torpedo Boyz favourites Any Trash, Professor Abacus? and Are You Talking To Me?. The Boca 45 remixes will now be released on two different 45s, including the original versions on the flipside.