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The BodyBeard Brothers

Barbecue Beats Remixed


Released: 2nd April 2007 | 1 track trip-hop single
First up is a track by producer Parker, formerly signed to the now defunct Grand Central Records. Parker's 'Sugar Coated', originally released on Leisure late last year to critical acclaim is given the Dr Rubberfunk treatment as he takes the sweetness of the original and makes it over with his 'Dental Hygiene Re-floss'. Rubberfunk has been making a solid name for himself over the years producing some of the finest funk and latin-inspired party music to come out of the UK. As a remixer, he has worked for the likes of Stereo MCs and Fort Knox Five. Next, 'Original Love Injection' by the mysterious Bodybeard Brothers, already a hit with discerning dancefloors across the land, is given to London's Steady Diggin Workshop to give it a rocking live element. SDW have been garnering attention with the unique brand of hip hop, funk and soul; working with the likes of Andy Smith (Portishead), Ohmega Wattes (Ubiquity) and Speech Defect (GAMM). The full 'Barbecue Beats' album will be released in time for summer and will feature Leisure artists such as the Leisure Allstars, Parker, Mr Benn and more, all providing the perfect soundtrack to any outdoor, food-related gathering.