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Cantoma - North Shore (Idjut Boys Remixes)


North Shore (Idjut Boys Remixes)

Leng Records

Released: 29th November 2010 | 2 track deep house single
The first teaser from the long awaited second album from Phil Mison (aka Cantoma) comes in a true Idjut Boy haze. Reminiscent of early U-Star releases at their best, their remix of North Shore is one of the most locked-in grooves we’ve heard for some time. The vocal version sucks you into an almost trance-like state and is purely made for the late night hours on a sweaty dancefloor. Hearing this on a big system is truly a spiritual experience (ommmmm!). The instrumental ties down an amazing second release for Leng and gives the label further excitement on the release of the second Cantoma album. Simply terrific.