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Tiago - The Source


The Source

Leng Records

Released: 28th February 2011 | 2 track deep house single
Once again Leng deliver with a lovely bit of heavy electronic stompery. Tiago’s ‘The Source’ goes straight for the dark end of the dancefloor and wallows in the smokey acidic environs of the late night moody corner ! With a punchy throbbing bass, hefty beats, tons of spacey effects and some awesome delayed hi hats to really mess your head, this is in the box for the strobe light moment. On side-B ‘Mudds Slow Rave Mix’ turns up the acid a few notches, somehow get’s even swampier in the bottom end and slightly more whacked out on the FX, add a lovely niggling synth line for a dark heavy dancefloor work out.