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MusicLoveLife - Afromash (feat. Phil Asher & Mark de Clive-Lowe)
12" Vinyl
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Afromash (feat. Phil Asher & Mark de Clive-Lowe)

Loungin Recordings

Released: 25th August 2008 | 3 track house single

AKA Phil Asher and Mark De Clive-Lowe, to any lover of the old Detroit sound this will be right up your street. As is often the case with tracks like this, it's the subtle changes, the builds, the drops & edits that makes it a tune that you notice differences on every listen. When listening at home you just want to crank it up & when listening to it on a big system you just want to get down. This is going to be one of those timeless numbers, which will be played by the most diverse range of people. Flipping over to side B, the EP moves onto Main Mix, Much of the Tech mix can be heard in this version, but with an additional thundering bass and elements of Phil Asher's signature chop up beats. To crown the track are Zansika's haunting vocals which almost have a ring of the 90's New York sound of Joi Cardwell. This is definitely the mix for the heads, but will I'm sure will be heard on many a dance floor in the not so distant future. The final mix is Alt Mix. This is really a dub of the Main Mix, which brings the vocals out to the forefront for maximum effect. Again in this version it's the subtle sounds and effects which differentiates its from the other versions and is a real groover that will get you running back to the turntable for play after play.

"H E A V Y !Phlash strikes again...fierce release chapsfull support from this end !"
Chris Duckenfield
"4/4 for the Loungin' Crew!"
Tony Nwachukwu, CD-R
"absoultely cracking release, love the grooves and the vocals, will defo give some rotation. Fave mixes - tech & AltHot Shit ... can't wait to try it out."
Tristan da Cunha, Back To Basics/2020visoio
Oliver $
"If I was to think what sound Mark and Phil would come up with, I'm not sure I would expect this but that makes this all the more interesting. This needs a road test on a BIG system to get the feel but on my headphones, it sounds ace."
Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Show
"It's a toss up between the Alt and Main mix for me! Really like the dirty bass of the Main mix"
Lee Mortimer
"good groove!!max support"
jay Scarlett
"not often all tracks on an EP hit you hard. phil asher rawsh*t main mix is the one i'll play most often but GOOD GOD strong release or what?"
"solid bassline, will use"
"This shit is rediculous! Loving it. A dancefloor killa' with just the right amount of tweak..I like all the mixes really."
JT Donaldson