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Art Bleek - Urban Watcher EP
12" Vinyl
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Art Bleek

Urban Watcher EP

Loungin Recordings

Released: 25th August 2008 | 4 track deep house ep
Starting off with Urban Watcher the track really builds on the vocals of Charlie Sputnik who is well known for the vocals he performed on the Between Yesterday & Tomorrow album. The track has Arthur's trademark musical style of combining carefully programmed beats, beautiful melodies and perfectly arranged vocals. One can see how Arthur's more dancefloor influences are combining with his jazz influences to create a flavour that should get people moving when this one gets dropped. The second track is Into Knowledge featuring Charlie Sputnik, Blackniff, Dj PudgeMC, a simple, but effective jazz/hip hop groove that I'm sure will be getting enough props and radio play this summer. Flipping over to side B, the EP moves All Night Prescriptions (Late Night Call) again featuring Charlie Sputnik. The track has real Art Bleek trademark elements: deepness, analogue keys, atmospherics, killer vocals and a real deep vibe for the heads out there.