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Chubby Dubz - Direct Experience
12" Vinyl
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Chubby Dubz

Direct Experience

Loungin Recordings

Released: 30th January 2012 | 4 track house ep

Kicking off 2012 with a bang, loungin' is proud to welcome Chubby Dubz aka Oliver $ and Gene Siewing to the family!

After a chart topping year in 2011 where Oliver $'s - Doin' Ya Thang track on Jesse Rose's Play It Down label was No.1 charted track on Beatport 2011 plus was No.1 charted track of all time on Resident Advisor, we were over the moon when Gene & Oliver chose loungin' recordings as the home for the Chubby Dubz album project.

Chubby Dubz background and origins combine all manors of influences, as Oliver is native to Germany and Gene to the US. With this chemistry comes a fusion of minds that produces great house music with enough musical soul to have real longevity whilst still keeping the dance floors moving in the best clubs throughout the world. With releases on labels such as Om Records, Appeal Music and Undertones their unique style of house is enjoying great success throughout the world as all the major heads in house music are revelling in deep house currently. The result of this is that the music of Chubby Dubz is being widely championed by everyone from Ricardo Vilalobos, Baby Ford, DJ Rolando and Doc Martin to name a few.

The Album Sampler #1 is as the name suggests the first release of 4 from the self titled Chubby Dubz album due out on loungin' later this year. All the 12s will feature full length versions of the album tracks crafted especially for the dancefloor plus remixes by key players from the loungin' fold plus some very special guests! Keep your ears to the ground for more info...;

With the resurgence of deep house spreading across the globe this release will be sure to hit the mark combining productions that one could be fooled into thinking came from the likes of Ron Trent, Chez Damier or more recently Nicholas. To complete the package is an Art Bleek remix of the title track; Direct Experience, delivering a late night groover that will be sure to find favour with the headz.

"Lean, deep and pulsating, Chubby Dubz create expansive house music for getting lost inside your head. Made up of Oliver $ and Gene Siewing, Chubby Dubz is a new undertaking for both. With Mr. $, real name Oliver Siebert, taking care of the production it's a move away from the brasher fidgety sounds he is best known for with the added magic of some blue-eyed soul courtesy of Gene. We caught up with the pair to find out some more... Hello Oliver and Gene. Please introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about your backgrounds. Oliver Siebert: I'm a young producer from Berlin who started releasing on Jan Drivers Grand Petrol label which caught the attention of the label boss of Made to Play Jesse Rose who I started collaborating with and eventually started producing my own tracks on Made to Play. My love for electronic music started actually more with techno and trance but I also was introduced from my cousin Jan Driver to the whole Chicago crew like Cajmere, Boo Williams when they were touring as the Berlin Chicago Express. Gene: I'm from St. Louis Missouri originally but after a short visit to Berlin in 2004-2005 I linked up with an amazing group of producers: Siruismo, Jan Driver, and Oliver. I grew up on the sounds that were coming out of my home-town which was Blues, Jazz, Rock n roll and Soul. After I caught the House music bug that was coming from Chicago and the surrounding cities I was lucky enough to have some seen some real pro Dj's coming through like Terry Mullan, Derrick Carter and Josh Wink. What is chubby Dubz? A colaboration we started for the shared interest we both had in the deeper side of House music. We are big fans of dub house so its our take really on our roots and what we both grew up on as far as club music goes. And how would you describe your sound? Dubby, chubby house music. How did you to first meet? Around 2005 after Gene made a visit to Berlin and met my cousin Jan (Driver) who introduced us to each other. And what lead you to making music together? Because we both had a love for quality house music and wanted to keep the spirit alive. We started producing some tracks and a year later actually sent a demo out to DJ Jauche who decided he wanted to put our first sinlge out 'See it Thru' on his label Appeal. That was really the start of it all. What do both of you bring to the table from your different backgrounds? Oliver: I'm bringing my knowledge of producing the beats and having been influenced from from a wide-range of sounds that were coming out of Germany in the 90's along with the House music that was coming from the States. Gene: I bring a bit of soul, bluesy edge to the table as am the man on the mic in the project. Oliver, how is this music different to your Oliver $ moniker? This project is where I can explore the deeper side of House since my Oliver $ project is a bit more in your face. What do you have lined up for your album? A Direct Experience into the sound we call Chubby Dubz with full length versions on five different 12"
Electronic Beats feature:, http://www.electronicbeat
"2011 belonged to a tune from one half of this collective. Oliver S’s ‘Doin’ ya thang’ was an unmissable slice of prime time house music. With 1988 coursing through its veins, it was a track which also sounded slap bang up to date. The vocals throughout the track of a DJ tired of playing ‘his shit’ and throwing the decks open to the crowd before the police came to bust the party was an absolute thriller and a total joy to mix with. This EP continues the retro theme as ‘Doin’ ya thang’, the title track mixes dark metronomic synth notes and throaty vocals about leaving no room for doubt and other such guff. A second mix of this track transports it into early 90s house music thankfully without pianos. Completing the package are ‘Spirit’, a slinky based loungey house number which performs its business at the very height of sophistication and ‘Led to believe’ which continues in the same vein as the title track, four house cuts to die for. 9/10"
With Guitars Singles Roun,
"Great EP - I'm sure I will find a place for all the tracks!"
Joshua Iz, Iz & Diz
"Very nice Tracks , love the heavy Beats ! Direct Experience and Spirit for me !"
Ian Pooley
"very nice."
Rich Medina
"All tracks are good here. Hard to choose a winner."
Rob Mello
"spirit is best here for me 8/10"
Charles Webster
"Chubby Dubz never fail. Another solid package of athomspheric deep house, love it."
Marco Soenke
"Art Bleek's remix is dope ! original versions are great too. well done !"
Rambaud Ludovic
"LOVE THIS! Full support. Looking forward to the rest of the album."