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C.O.N.E. - Doppa E.P.
12" Vinyl
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Doppa E.P.

Loungin Recordings

Released: 3rd June 2013 | 4 track broken beat ep

Under the steer of Jesse Rose, Graeme Sinden and Chris Belsey, Loungin' Recordings's formative years were spent driving the broken-beat sound of postmillennial Notting Hill. With pioneering producers such as Domu and Dave 'Switch' Taylor mainstays on the roster, Loungin' steadily became the label most synonymous with the jazz-derived sub-genre.

Hailing from Rotterdam, C.O.N.E is a principal member of a collective of young producers making what's commonly tagged as 'Bruk-step': a sub-genre of grime that incorporates the percussive structure and production sensibilities of broken-beat. Having delivered two typically resounding remixes for Loungin' in the last 6 months, C.O.N.E now delivers a full artist EP for the West London-based imprint.

As an avid vinyl collector of Loungin's output in the early-2000s, the 4 tracks forming the 'Doppa' EP were purpose-made to reflect the influence Solid Groove's designs had on him in the early-2000s. Already aired on RINSE FM, the EP's weighty title track is supported by 'Pressure' - a more classic cut of percussion-heavy broken house. 'Reach' is deeper inclusion that feature's the vocals of Footsteppa Records affiliate Tink, before 'Ravi' completes the package in a fractured grid of dub-techno.

"BASS!!! - 4/5"
Alexander Parade, IEBSS / kane FM / BUGGED Out! / T.I.M.F/ Trailer Trash / Dalston Superstore
"RAVI is killer"
Jon Kennedy, radio adidas originals
"Rrrrraaaaaviiiii ! will test that at Tresor Club, Berlin. big tune."
CHOQ _ Stefan Rogall, Tresor Berlin
"really good EP -- Doppa is my favourite, with its rough UK funky flavours, but Reach is pretty great too. Reviewing for RA"
Andrew Ryce, RA
"Doppa is easily the strongest, it's got much more drive and direction than the others - 4/5"
Bill Brewster, MOS
"nice vibes 4/5"
MoodyManc, Dubble D
"bruk indeed! 4/5"
Nick Catchdubs, Fools Gold
"Reach!!! That right there is a tune!!! - 4/5"
Mad Mats, Raw Fusion
"Always got time for C.O.N.E !! Charting / Playing - 4/5"
simbad, Rinse Fm/London/NYC
"lovely - 4/5"
Nat Self, Zombie Disco Squad