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The Young Lovers - Young Lovers
CD Album
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The Young Lovers

Young Lovers

Loungin Recordings

Released: 20th April 2009 | 12 track house single
The Young Lovers heralds a new album from one of the UK's most in demand producers, one Joshua 'Herve' Harvey. Taking us into a more downtempo and chilled space from his peak time dancefloor productions and remixes, 'The Young Lovers' further cements Joshua Harvey's reputation as one of the most accomplished electronic composers around. From deep and immersive sounds to shimmering cascades of warmth and beauty, The Young Lovers could well be the soundtrack to a sun-drenched, romantic holiday. 29 year old producer Joshua 'Herve' Harvey is a man of many names. You may know him as one half of The Count and Sinden duo and their world beating 'Beeper' EP on Domino Records. Or perhaps you know him from one of his many aliases, like ActionMan, Dead Soul Brothers, VoodooChilli or his supergroup Machines Don't Care. You may also know him as a remixer nonpareil, re-jigging everyone from Bloc Party, LilyAllen and The Chemical Brothers through to Mark Ronson, Calvin Harris and The Prodigy. But it is this freewheeling, all encompassing ethos that has made him one of the most exciting things to happen to dancefloors in some time – his music is joyous, wide-ranging, multicultural and quite simply damn good fun. Now we find Joshua in a more reflective mood that takes us into a mature and understated realm. As 'The Young Lovers' he creates a musical palette, whose subtlety and dexterity could colour the whimsical ponderings of Keats or the romantic meanderings of William Wordsworth. This time his instruments cajole a lush musical backdrop full of warmth and light, drawing from a wealth of styles that paint the picture of a swooning lovers eloping to sunnier climes. From the opening jazz swing inflected 'You Make Me Dizzy' to the heartbreaking, melancholic strings of 'How Lonely Does it Get?' and the dusk blues pace of 'Free' and the broken beat shuffle of 'She's A Phoenix', he manages to capture the dusty, smoke filled ambience of a bygone jazz club and then thrust it into the blinding sunshine of a latino samba band warming up in the tropical heat. Cementing elements of blues, jazz, latin and downtempo grooves into his electronic cauldron, Hervé conjures up a heady mix of cool summer listening vibes and introspective ambience to create an album of sunshine filled romanticism. As 'The Young Lovers' steal themselves away to Paris, Rome or Barcelona this album is the document to their lovelorn tryst. Currently Herve is working on The Count & Sinden album for Domino Records, the Hervé album, and has just released his debut mix CD entitled 'Ghetto Bass' whilst his second Machines Don't Care project album, which also features Toddla T, Trevor Loveys, Sinden, Fake Blood, Drop The Lime, Detboi and Affie Yousef is due early 2010. In the meantime, take a romantic break with The Young Lovers.
"Good Stuff. I like esòpecially the track THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT."
Simone Vimercati, “Jazz It Up !!!” Radiosho
"great release. alot of hype around it and definitly gets what it deserves!"
wongo - The Backspinners
"5/5 - very very nice! love the whole album and cannot decide fo a favorite track. full support!"
Tobias Koch, Radio FRITZ Berlin German
"Fantastic Music my friends. Are incredibles. A sound very special for playing in beautiful places. Thanks a lot for this works."
Karlos Sense, Sonica Radio Ibiza, (ILLE
"beautiful chilled music, expect radio airplay soon."
Gerd Hoeschen aka DJ Otti, Alooga Radio / otticFM /
"5/5- I absolutely love the album...great material here..."
Harry Avers, Proton Radio /Freelance P
"this is REAALY great. music i know lounging for. dope to sign them. very interestig styles, good sample workout. one of my fafourites so far."
Matthias Desch, Bogaloo Radioshow
"Great stuff - really nice to hear another side of Herve."
James Amato, Potty Mouth Music - Chica
"5/5 - so good, big up Josh!"
"5/5 - This is all fantastic stuff"
Strakes, Lost My Dog / Kahua Music
"Probably his best work ever! i still dig the tunes from the first EP and am glad to see it become a complete album now. great work!"
The Bulgarian
"Super Dooper. Wow, multi level generous music, amazing LP. yes yes yes :)"
Atjazz, Atjazz, Atjazz Record Co.
"At one point cohesive, and at some points twisted. Cool batch of varied tuneage showcasing the eclectic vibe. Look forward to dropping tracks"
Velanche, The Urban Landscapes Radi
"Feeling Low Down Groove... NIce throwback jazz dancefloor biz!"
"5/5 - Lovelly Album. All music are for pleasure moments. Sweet, sexy and dance"
Edground, Grooveland
"really cool album!"
Andy George, Radio 1
"interesting and well produced"
Benoit, Editor Tsugi Mag. (France
"How lovely does this is! Yep like it . My cup of tea. Support"
Michael Reinboth, Compost Radio Show
"absolutely fantastic album! perfect to listen to during this nice sunny day... very reminicent of Swag's 'Felony Funk' album Great stuff here!"
Little Mike, Beatport / Phrunky
"Superb album. I'm leaning towards the brush-drum/Twin Peaks vibe-ish tracks. dig all the musical bits going on. Top notch"
Q-Burns Abstract Message, EIGHT-TRACKS / Worldwide
"5/5 Great stuff"
Mastiksoul, 4kenzo recordings/Kitsam
"5/5 wicked!!!!"
mathieu schreyer, kcrw fm los angeles
"It can be the biggest suprise of the year. eespecially for all those ghetto bassline eaters and young emo-blog surfers. lovely stuff, that's for sure."
HARPER (Boogie Mafia / Be, Radio EUro
"Oh yes pure heaviness from the young lovers on some dizzy brukness love it! "
jay scarlett - Spacek sou,
"Cool tunes!"
Tyler Stadius, Proton & Dinamo FM
"cool tracks"
ramax, sous-soul
"5/5 - Great piece of work! Great musical journey! Love the boogie floor cut Love You Madly! Thanks for sending will get lots of use..."
Nick Holder, DNH
"I like you make me dizzy. Love the piano sample. "
Juergen -Jazzanova
"5/5 - OMG, this is excellent! Really Loungin'!"
"Not easy listening to a full album in a few minutes but sounds interesting "
Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Radio Show (FM
"5/5 - Been waiting for this to come out for a while. Doesn't disappoint."
"Very good and solid album"
Art Bleek
"Killer selection of cut and paste jazz/house cuts!! You Make Me Dizzy' and Low Down Groove are stunners!! Will support."
Dom Servini, Cargo/Jazz Cafe/Vibe Bar
"Fantastic. Shows his musical skill fully and will silence any detractors I believe. A refreshing change from the Herve / Count stuff. "
Ben Gomori, Data Transmission / Pacha
"i like the discreet and mellow vibe of the whole album and the way joshua incorporates elements from a variety of styles...into his distinctive sound"
Pedo Knopp, LAZY Ffm / das Waben Darm
"So many wicked laidback grooves going on, top stuff from a top label....;)"
Richie Maxx
"Exellent down tempo opus ! Will play it in my contrebande radio show on 12 fm radios ! Great for dreaming ..really musical , so jazzy, in a good mood"
Snooba, Radio Panik Rif raf magaz
"nice tracks!"
Lee Mortimer
"Not what I expected and a real surprise. Herve is proving yet again what a talented and diverse producer he can be."
Kev Beadle, Solar Radio/Various
"5/5 i've been playing you make me dizzy for a while now and love the full length. Great stuff! Glad to see some variety"
JT Donaldson
"wonderful! very fresh and well done, keep on keepin on boys"
ouifonk (didier dujols), nuforms radioshow campus
"nice follow up on the 12s. it's solid"
Nick Catchdubs