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Tommy Stewart - Tommy Stewart
Vinyl LP
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Tommy Stewart

Tommy Stewart


Released: 8th June 2015 | 8 track disco album

Tommy Stewart is known for his classic super funky disco productions on the Abraxas label. He created some of the scarcest and highly sought after disco records of all time - not the cheesy souless disco of the late 1970s but the raw, funk-tinged good stuff!

This self-titled rare groove album includes the essential party classic Bump and Hustle Music, which works on any dancefloor anytime - dope bassline and percussion plus a killer vocal irresistable voacl hook. The album also includes lesser known gems like Riding High, and The Fulton County Line.

Stewart also produced (with Marlin McNichols and Billy Wright) rare-groove disco records like Spirit Of Atlanta Burning Of Atlanta, Sil Austin Disco Music, and Tamiko Jones Let it flow.