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Martin Buscaglia - Temporada de Conejos
CD Album
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Martin Buscaglia

Temporada de Conejos


Released: 15th March 2010 | 16 track funk album
Martin Buscaglia, our man in Montevideo, has finally done it: Temporada de Conejos (Rabbit Season), his third album on Lovemonk is here. After releasing the acclaimed El Evangelio Segun Mi Jardinero (The Gospel According to My Gardner) Buscaglia decided to find a wood to disappear in for a while, and he did. And boy, did it do him good. Four years after he comes running out of the wood again, rejuvenated, recharged and raving as never before. Picking up where he left off with El Evangelio, Buscaglia turns into the melting pot he always has been, absorbing even more musical impressions and styles. Starting with the irresistible candombe funk of opener Jaula de Motos, Temporada de Conejos is a brew of calypso, tropicalismo, funk, blues, reggae(ton), lo-fi pop and the surrealist, multifaceted poetry of the song smith that Buscaglia essentially is. It may sound like a bit too much, but the man gets away with it gloriously and seemingly without effort.