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Boohgaloo Zoo - Boohgaloo Zoo
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Boohgaloo Zoo

Boohgaloo Zoo


Released: 5th July 2010 | 9 track funk album
If a big bass line is tickling your loins, a pounding beat is shaking your hips, a whirlwind of words is making your ears ring and you can't stop your right or left hand from waving in the air while making a horn sign, chances are you are dancing to the sounds of Boohgaloo Zoo. Two fellas from the Lowlands who created a heavy heavy monster sound: a touch of (nu-)disco and house, stomping hip-hop beats, smooth vocals and blistering rhymes and a whooooole lotta funk spelled with a rather large P. Think Arthur Russell, think Chromeo, think Amp Fiddler, think, yes, George Clinton. K'bonus and U-Gene (aka Boohgaloo Zoo) collaborate with a host of musicians like Cleveland rapper and Gilles Peterson & co.'s favourite Replife, who shows his skills on Found It, Watch It, (single) No Joke and Tonight, the Garcia brothers Martin and Josue aka two thirds of Spanish funk ensemble Speak Low's brass section (No Joke, Dead Wood) and Belgian turntablist Grazzhoppa (No Joke), who will also be part of the outfit when the Boohgaloo Zoo is taken to the stage.