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Pajaro Sunrise - Old Goodbyes
Vinyl LP
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Pajaro Sunrise

Old Goodbyes


Released: 13th June 2011 | 8 track new folk album
Yuri Mendez Jr. has an amazing gift for composing good songs. He arranges them and records them brilliantly, and then groups them together on an album in an unpredictable yet cohesive way (his last album had 22 tracks; this one only has 8). Yuri Méndez Jr. is a true artisan in the best sense of the word.

This is Pajaro Sunrise's third album, and although the essentials haven't changed (good songs, great songs), the rest has certainly evolved. Yuri's voice sounds more and more emphatic, and with an extensive register full of nuances, he sings a story in every song. In doing this, he covers a stunning vocal range that dazzles from the first listen.

Yuri has been playing together with the same fantastic band for some time now. With them, he has rehearsed the tracks (many of which they were already playing in concerts), and then gone into the studio where almost everything was recorded with everyone playing live. The benefits of having a group that has already travelled together, as well as shared stages and life experiences are evident. And, if this disc breathes anything, it's travel, highways, and familiar stories stolen from faraway places that also feel nearby. It's a grandiose yet intimate album that thrills and grows with each listen.

More information:

To speak of Pajaro Sunrise is to speak of León-born Yuri Méndez. Ester Rodriguez, Jesus Montes and Sebastian Giudice from the Amigos Imaginarios, and Javier Jimenez and Pedro López from the Barrunto Bellota Band have all recorded with him, and have ceased to be just the musicians who accompanied him live, transforming themselves into the current members of Pajaro Sunrise. The group has toured all around Spain; has crossed the Pyrenees to play in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, and the Czech Republic; and have flown to Japan and Dubai. They have also been a part of various festivals, like Jazzaldia, Primavera Sound, Faraday and Indyspensable. In addition to recording his own albums, Yuri has also flexed his muscles as producer for other artists, and his songs have been found on various soundtracks (films like Missing Lynx and TV series like Castle), as well as in advertising campaigns.