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Los Fulanos - Y Si Esto Se Acaba Que Siga El Boogaloo
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Los Fulanos

Y Si Esto Se Acaba Que Siga El Boogaloo


Released: 14th May 2012 | 11 track latin soul album

For a while now, going to see Los Fulanos has been one of the best things you could do in Barcelona (or anywhere else). Los Fulanos have gotten back that riffraff (dissolute) vibe of a pre-Olympics Barcelona. Their concerts are a party where Afro-Latin rhythms come together with a thousand other things, above all, Soul.

Los Fulanos have gained a reputation for their priceless live shows, small revolutions that inevitably end in a party. Sometimes on their own, sometimes accompanying legends like Peret or Joe Bataan (they were his band in the Afrofilipino tour), and sometimes together with Los Menganos on the choruses or even their friends The Pepperpots.

The previous phonographic endeavors of Los Fulanos have been fantastic. They have recorded singles with covers in Vampisoul and Lovemonk (whatta label!!!), which have been successful in the world of soul. They were also been the band for Joe Bataan's latest album. But, now they've needed to take a step forward, with their own songs, a more powerful sound on their recordings and needed to bring all the power that they exude in their live shows to the grooves of an LP ... and that's just what they did on Si Esto Se Acaba Que Siga El Boogaloo (If All This Ends, Keep On With The Boogaloo).

Miguelito Superstar (from Fundación Tony Manero) got behind the wheel for the production of the album and in this, their first LP, the Fulanos have opened up a sonic spectrum. Boogaloo, yes, but also Funk, Disco, Cuban Rhythms, Bolero...even a version of Blue Monday in the Fulano style, always on the good side of Soul. The spirits of the greats of Fania breathe deeply on this album, but it also has a touch of something different (that tasteful musical melting pot that is Barcelona) and a great sense of humour. The best thing you can do is listen to the album, the louder the better... que se formó la rumba con Los Fulanos.