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Wild Honey - An Army of Fat Remixes
12" Vinyl
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Wild Honey

An Army of Fat Remixes


Released: 3rd November 2014 | 3 track electro house ep

Hypnotic, synthesised bliss, B-boy breaks and dreamy dub. If that doesn't sound like a winning combo, we don't know what does.

When you have a song called An Army Of Fat Synths and it isn't by Andy Meecham, you know that at some point you're going to have to go over to your 1988 fax machine to send the man a request for a remix. It's just a matter of 1+1=2. So we did, and much to our delight, our hero, who most of you know by his Emperor Machine alias, was kind enough to oblige. The opening track of Wild Honey's fab Big Flash is 142 seconds long in its original version, but by the time Mr. Meecham was finished with it it had grown to thirteen and a half minutes of pure, hypnotic, synthesised bliss. Robot rock!

Madrid homeboy Al-X Rocks does a version of the tune as well, and while he keeps it around the two and a half minutes, the early Shadow-invoking mad drum break does a perfect job of turning the song into a potential fly girls and boys favourite to show their crazy dance moves to.

The third track on this 12 is for the short 'n' sweet Rogerio Duprat Looks Out The Window, even though Miguelito Superstar's dubbed out version is twice as long as the original. Twice as dreamy, too, what with the instruments echoing all over the place, those old school drum machines rolling on and the distant sounding vocals.

"what was that big 12 minute thing you played as well? that was great"
Erol Alkan
"“JESUS FUCKING WEPT. This E Machine mix is the absolute bollocks. Best thing he's done for a while (not that the other stuff is no good!).”"
Bill Brewster
"“emperor machine will be played tomorrow night in full effect!"
"?“great emperor m remix”"
"“Love the Emperor Machine Mix!”"
"“Emperor Machine mix is utterly brilliant !”"
Tim Paris
"“I'm lucky to know just how brilliant a remixer the Emperor is at the moment. Love this.”"
Ewan Pearson
"“nice package !”"
Joyce Muniz
Luke Solomun
Yannick Trickski