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Chip Wickham - La Sombra Remixes By Andrés & Carlos Niño
12" Vinyl

Chip Wickham

La Sombra Remixes By Andrés & Carlos Niño


Released: 23rd June 2017 | 2 track house single

On the back of Chip Wickham's fabulous debut album La Sombra come two quite different but equally mouthwatering remixes of two of its tunes. On the A-side, Detroit house stalwart extraordinaire Andrés grabs 'Red Planet' by the ear and drags it straight to the dance floor. And he means business: no beating around the bush with intros and the like – it's hands in the air and go from start to finish. Relentless.

The other A side, A.K.A. AA side, is for L.A.'s ambassador of avant-garde and spiritual music Carlos Niño. Rather than remixing the album's title track in the strict sense of the word, his 'Spaceways Radio Edit' adds a subtle and otherworldly flavour to it, extending the mix with some gorgeous ambient washes.

La Sombra (Lovemonk, January 2017) is Chip Wickham's first album after a 25-year career touring, recording and experimenting across three decades of jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, Latin and electronica. It's a monumental record for Chip as it symbolises the moment he stepped out into the light as a director of his creations with freedom to explore his roots, express and tell his version of jazz, and pay testament to his heroes Roland Kirk, Yuseef Lateef & Harold McNair.

"This is coming from the outside, I was like whooooa, easy – Chip Wickham! Blowing hard – they got it right!"
Gilles Peterson
"An impressive solo debut"
London Evening Standard
"Majesterial and electrifying stuff"
Blues & Soul Magazine
"I'm becoming convinced that Chip Wickham is a genius. The way he writes, the vibe he creates. Double groovy!"
Craig Charles
"WHAT a bloody album"
"Helll yeah, I've been bumpin' this"
DJ Lefto