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Cardova - Enola Gay
7" Vinyl
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Enola Gay


Released: 27th June 2011 | 2 track funk single
Barcelona's hip, Barcelona's beautiful, Barcelona is funky. If you don't believe us, check out these fantastic tracks by Cardova. On one hand there's the speedy Baccarra, the ideal soundtrack to your anxious search for the last tickets for the footy, with a nice little nod to the Fab Four. And then there's that doo-woppy and soulful cover of, err, OMD's Enola Gaye Now this is what we call calité!

Some background info:

Cardova are four guys from Barcelona playing funk. Plain and simple. Street funk, the funk the B-boys and B-girls used way back when they started breakdancing on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. Raw funk, with tough basslines, primitive drumming and simple guitar riffs. The band members are veterans on the Spanish funk scene, playing in bands such as Los Fulanos, Fundación Tony Manero and Chocadelia Internacional. Baccarra is their first single and it's on Lovemonk!