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Casbah73 - Love Saves The Day
12" Vinyl


Love Saves The Day


Released: 26th January 2018 | 3 track disco ep

A glorious live disco workout harking back to the spirit of New York's heyday when love and inclusivity ruled the dancefloor. Featuring additional remix by Rahaan.

You need this in your life! You know that feeling when you hear a killer melody and it just sticks in your head and makes you wanna dance? Call it disco, call it what you want, this song is packed with soul, emotion and a righteous hook, boasting a stunning vocal performance from US singer Angela Gooden and comes armed with heavy percussion, funky bass, and some serious Rhodes.

As part of a three track vinyl package on Madrid label Lovemonk, New York/Madrid DJ, producer and vinyl vendor Oli Stewart, better known as Casbah 73, goes back-to-boogie-basics on the lead track, along with a B side re-fix by Chicago's don of the disco edit, DJ Rahaan, and a full-on Percussion Jam instrumental cut.

'Love Saves The Day' is a joyous tribute to open-minded and inclusive clubs past and present with a sly nod to the seminal New York institutions like The Loft and the Paradise Garage. But this record isn't some banal exercise in faithful reproduction, rather a exhuberant slice of soul-disco that reignites the spirit of these underground nightclubs, lofts and warehouses. Casbah 73 has handpicked key musicians from around the globe and threaded all these together for a smack-you-on-the-lips belter, reverberating with positivity – love really is the message.

Rahaan's on-the-spot offer to remix 'Love Saves The Day' came about after a chance meeting with Casbah 73 in Madrid. A couple of days were spent checking out records and drinking wine – Oli is one of Europe's leading disco, soul and jazz vinyl dealers – when he played Rahaan an early demo. The rest, as they say, is history…

It was the early nineties when Oli truly immersed himself in all things music, setting up a club night in Glasgow, tirelessly travelling to the US on extensive record digging expeditions all the while soaking up the vibe at the Sub Club and The Arches, expanding the organic/electronic dichotomy that would forever shape his musical philosophy.

Casbah 73 recalls fondly the defining years in Glasgow: Casbah was my Saturday night residency playing soul, disco and really wild jazz, the wilder the better. So much so that some mystified but illuminated locals deemed it 'like a rave, without the e's'! There was even a special 'Casbah' section in Fopp records, set up by the owner because, come Monday, he would get bored of people asking if he had any music 'like they play at Casbah', so he would just point them to the new category.

These days Casbah 73 calls Madrid his home. He has recorded two albums on HiTop Records and a series of 12″ releases for Lovemonk. He continues to hold DJ residencies including BASIC, an all-night session based on his DJ philosophy of mixing disco, house and electronic, effortlessly genre-straddling with no prejudices and satisfyingly finding his disco sweet spot exactly where it should be – happily shaking its rump on the floor alongside house and techno, like one big happy, dysfunctional family.

"One of my favourite new records for 2018 with a super sweet remix from the man Rahaan."
Red Greg
"Thank you, such a beautiful track and remix! It sets the tone of what contemporary soulful music can sound like."
Mr Mendel
"This is very good indeed, funky!"
Severino Panzetta, Horse Meat Disco
"I'm loving this."
Craig Charles, BBC 6 music
"This is a great release - very soulful the way I like to play."
Alex Attias, Mystic VYbes (WHCR 90.3 FM)
"Very nice."
Alex McCall, Jalapeno / 1BTN
"It's really hot! I’ve heard Rahaan playing it a few weeks ago and I was waiting for it since!"
Greg Gauthier
"Nice 1, I dig."
Jacques Renault
Mark Bailey, Further In Fusion
"Real nice."
Nicole McKenzie, Cherry Flava (Soho Radio)