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Mantecao y su Combo Gitano - Achili Funk Mixes
7" Vinyl
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Mantecao y su Combo Gitano

Achili Funk Mixes


Released: 2nd June 2008 | 2 track single
The Achilifunk compilation was picked by The Wire as one of the best compilations of the year. This track in its original form is definitely one of its highlights and this remix package is simply mind-blowing. The Blackbeard people liked this cut so much that without asking they decided to make a simple yet effective reedit of the tune, done old school style by repeating some parts and looping others. The result is an instant dancefloor filler. Danny Breaks took the song and pushed it to an edgy hip hop sound. Just wait till the bass comes in and put up the volume. Automatic headnodder. This one could appeal to the dancefloor crew, but also to the pure hip hop crew. Ace!