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Mexicano Instituto Des Sounds - El Microfono
12" Vinyl
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Mexicano Instituto Des Sounds

El Microfono


Released: 4th August 2008 | 5 track ep
Mexican Independent Music guru Camilo Lara delivers two of the absolute highlights of his stunning album Piñata. El Microfono is a funny catchy song with a piano riff that keeps your head nodding at all times. Nickodemus took this and has delivered an absolute party number led by ace rolling drums and groovy afrobeatnik guitar. The kind of heavy hitter you would expect from Nicko's amazing NY party, Turntables on The Hudson. Para no vivir desesperado could be described as a killer Mariachi Hip Hop track. It blends a cumbia beat with some astonishing horns in the Banda Norteña style. Fans of M.I.A and Diplo should check this one out. NSM…PSM (No somos machos pero somos muchos / we are not machos but we are many) is a turntablism combo from Mexico DF and who have delivered a wicked remix. Imagine Daft Punk drinking Tequila with De La Soul and Perez Prado. Not sure if this is an accurate way to describe it, but it's funny to imagine the DaftPunkers drinking Tequila shots with their space helmets on. The package is completed by an outstanding remix by Diesler, delivering the goods from Brighton. Expect fat beats!!