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Sumo - Mystic Drum
12" Vinyl
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Mystic Drum


Released: 23rd March 2009 | 4 track ep
Swedish duo Sumo (otherwise known as Bangana) come out of the kitchen with a delightful dish of broken beets sauteed with Caribbean spices in a sweet Afrodelic sauce, courtesy of Ugandan singer Sammy Kasule. Remix action comes from Pepe Link who takes it into the deep and from the dynamic duo themselves in their Bangana disguise, pumping it up a little more to get the party going on the dancefloor. Funky Swedes Combo and Alf Tumble are Sumo. Their eclectic sounds have been released by labels such as Africanism and Soulfuric, and they've done remixes for Compost and Wall of Sound, among others. For their late-night house outings they created the Bangana alias, releasing their first tracks on C2. Soon after, they started their own Heya Hifi imprint. Samy Kasule started making a name for himself with Super Kaumba and Les Noirs in his home country Uganda in the seventies. Later he joined Vunumunda with whom he released three critically acclaimed albums in the eighties. Now a Stockholm resident, he is the bassist and vocalist of his own band Makonde, spreading the soukous gospel in Scandinavia.