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Ezequiel Lodeiro - El Latinazo
10" Vinyl
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Ezequiel Lodeiro

El Latinazo


Released: 22nd March 2010 | 2 track leftfield/idm single
Want to fill that dancefloor? Check out these thumping up-tempo beats with mad Latin percussion from young Argentine veteran Ezequiel Lodeiro. If you really need to compare, zero dB is a name that could come in handy. On the flipside, Arni Kristjansson holds the disc over one of those geysers they have where he's from and heats things up even more. The first time Ezequiel Lodeiro dropped the needle on the record at a party it was the year 1990 and he was a twelve year-old synth-pop lover. Ever since he has been exploring the possibilities that the fusing of house, disco, funk, soul, jazz, Afro and Latin offers, both in South America and in Europe. These days he is in charge of the Soulfood parties at the Niceto Club in his native Buenos Aires. His productions clearly reflect his eclectic DJ-style, as can be heard on his releases on Jack to Phono (as Doctor Stereo), Galopp (as Ezee) and this, his debut on Lovemonk.