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Pajaro Sunrise - Remmajneztakrutluk EP 1
12" Vinyl
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Pajaro Sunrise

Remmajneztakrutluk EP 1


Released: 7th July 2014 | 3 track house ep

Pajaro Sunrise is taken to the dance floor by two of Spain's finest producers and throws in an exclusive bonus track for good measure.

One of the key tracks on Pajaro Sunrise' 4th studio album Kulturkatzenjammer, the happy-sad Long Forgotten Flowers, gets a hypnotic house treatment from Hivern veteran Marc Piñol. The melancholy disappears to make way for a more hedonistic sound, more than doubling the song's length in the process. More dance floor action comes from up and coming Gijón-based RBMA alumnus Clip!, who reshapes the introverted Good To See You into a straight-up piano house monster. As if that weren't enough, these fine remixes are accompanied by the rather eerie non-album track Guess Things Happen That Way, a cover of the Cowboy Jack Clement-penned 1958 Johnny Cash hit. Yuri Méndez, Jr. at his darkest.

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