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Martin Buscaglia - Jaula De Motos
10" Vinyl
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Martin Buscaglia

Jaula De Motos


Released: 21st February 2011 | 4 track ep
The luscious candombe-funk of Jaula de Motos, the opening track of the Uruguayan boy-wonder's latest album Temporada de conejos is now on 10 vinyl. Also included on the same wonderful 10 is the tongue twister Cortocircuito, played with an electric cable, among many other weird instruments. Remixes from the p-funk-ish wonder Boohgaloo Zoo, the wonderful Belgian producer, and the wonder of DJ K'Bonus (who happens to be one half of Boohgaloo Zoo among many other things) All wonders apart, this is a wicked piece of vinyl, (wonder) full of amazing grooves. Yeah!