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Gecko Turner - Gone Down South Remixes Part 1
12" Vinyl
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Gecko Turner

Gone Down South Remixes Part 1


Released: 12th September 2011 | 4 track house ep
Gecko Turner's fab Gone Down South albums just keeps on giving. New House-With-Soul hero Ezel and French dub sorcerer Blundetto deliver two rather splendid remixes for the deep house and dubbed soul beats heads.

Ezel, the Dominican house wonder boy, emphasises the Prince-esque qualities of the funky When I Woke Up and adds some cosmic synth stabs and amazing house beats to it in the process. In the meantime the Afro Caribbean vibes of the wonderful Ámame, mímame, a track that has Gecko Turner written all over, gets an equally laidback, dubby work-over by Blundetto, a fantastic remix perfect for your lazing on a sunny afternoon in the summertime.

More info about Gone Down South (taken from Dusty Groove's site):

Laidback, yet quite adventurous songcraft from Spain's Gecko Turner – a singer & songwriter joyfully blending genres and styles from acoustic singer-songer soul, to sun toasted bits of Caribbean inflections, bits of laidback funk, the sounds of Africa, Brazil and more – and he manages it all with charm and charisma. It has a carefree feel that's hard to resist, and the instrumentation is pretty sweet, too. Gecko is a multilingual multi-instrumentalist, with guest vocalists, horn players and percussionists throughout the set.