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Gecko Turner - Gone Down South Remixes Part 2
12" Vinyl
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Gecko Turner

Gone Down South Remixes Part 2


Released: 16th May 2011 | 4 track house ep
Gecko Turner's fab Gone Down South albums just keeps on giving. Claremont 56's Mudd and Natural Self deliver two excellent remixes for the slo-mo disco and future hip-hop heads. The laidback Jamaican vibes of the wonderful You Can't Own Me, a track that is all Gecko Turner, in every possible way, gets an equally laidback, slo-mo disco work-over by one of the Claremont56 bosses Mudd, a fantastic remix perfect for your lazing on a sunny afternoon in the summertime. Natural Self, in the meantime, emphasises the hip-hop qualities of the funky When I Woke Up and adds some cosmic synth stabs to it in the process. More info: Gecko Turner's music is hard to define, but the adjectives we hear most when people refer to his music are sun-drenched and effortless. Our man has his own style, built from a lot of different influences ranging from The Velvet Underground to reggae, everything on the good side of soul.