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Wild Honey - Fake Horoscopes EP
7" Vinyl
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Wild Honey

Fake Horoscopes EP


Released: 16th April 2012 | 2 track downtempo single

Melancholic hip-hop goodness from the school of Gummy Soul and dreamy pop for the horn rim jockeys from Algodón Egipcio - it doesn't get much hipper than this.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: we are head over heels with Wild Honey. How could we not? His album Epic Handshakes And A Bear Hug, apart from sporting a rather fantastic title, is a delicious slice of intimate, folk-tinged pop taking influences from anything from The Zombies to Michel Legrand and Disney soundtracks. Take Gold Leaf, for instance: a quirky, sweet and lo-fi bossa nova ditty with gorgeous boy-girl vocals. It could come straight from that The Party soundtrack. If Hrundi V. Bakshi could sing, that is. And Kings Of Tomorrow is just like opening the window on a Sunday morning and the day comes running at you shrieking with joy, arms stretched out ready to hug you and jump around like children at a garden party.

On this here 7, Amerigo Gazaway, the man from the utterly fantastic Gummy Soul collective and one of Kanye West's new favourite producers,slows Gold Leaf down, emphasises Anita Steinberg's vocal and gets rid of the Carioca influence, and almost all of the instrumentation, for that matter, in favour of a more melancholic vibe, with a simple but effective hip-hop beat and some sweet keyboards. On the flipside, dream-pop boy wonder Cheky, a.k.a. Algodón Egipcio (Lefse Records), turns Kings Of Tomorrow into a gliding, then slightly euphoric piece of synthy goodness with Robin Guthrie-like guitars, which will have your inner hipster wave their horn-rimmed glasses in the air like they just don't care.