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Strand & The Banksters - Cajas sin ahorros
7" Vinyl
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Strand & The Banksters

Cajas sin ahorros


Released: 3rd December 2012 | 2 track ambient single

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Fresh on the back of his mini album Slam Funk! on Lowriders/Laid Back, Strand went into the Red Bull Studios in the Spanish capital for some serious jamming with Mario from Madrid psych-rockers Lüger and Javier from jazz-surf-psyche-punk outfits Dead Capo and Ginferno. What went on in there exactly will probably always be a mystery, but we do know that when they came out, they had these here two gems in their hands.

Cajas Sin Ahorros is a slice of oddball, white android funk with a hint of exotica and some cosmic guitars that would make Roy Batty shit his pants, and Intervención/Rescate is a floating downtempo jam, with a dubby bass line and all kinds of percussion and analogue space noise going on.

More info:

Strand is Miguel Gil Tertre, a Spanish born Brussels musician and visual artist. After several albums, singles and EPs on labels like City Centre Offices, Project:Mooncircle, Laid Back, Foehn and Lowriders, this is his first 7 on Lovemonk. It's a collaboration with Mario Zamora from Lüger and Javier Diez Ena from Dead Capo/Ginferno recorded and mixed with the help of Oswaldo Terrones at the Red Bull Studios in Madrid, where the three of them went all out on the mellotron, Moog, theremin, all kinds of synths and other analogue goodies.