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Pablo Sánchez - Out and About (feat. Ezel Nappy G)
12" Vinyl
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Pablo Sánchez

Out and About (feat. Ezel Nappy G)


Released: 20th May 2013 | 3 track house single

Laid-back but steady grooving funkiness, with nocturnal counterparts delivered by Kyodai and Opolopo.

After his acclaimed split single with KINK on Hamburg's Liebe Detail, Barcelona-based Pablo Sánchez lifts his foot off the pedal and shifts to cruising mode with the laid-back but steady grooving Out And About. A funky rhythm section switching between shuffle and go-go, wah-wah guitars, a pinch of brass, nuff percussion, and fellow producer Ezel on the organ. Can you say summertime?

Killer remix action on this one: Berlin-based brothers Kyodai provide some delicious peak-time fun adding vocal snippets, a prominent piano, a rather impatient 4/4 beat and a people-go-crazy-on-the-dance-floor style long drum break. Swedish boy wonder Opolopo steps up the pace as well with a funked-up and slightly spacey house rework (nod to Parliament Funkadelic included).

"I love, I just can't wait for the weekend...damn i'm happy i'm playing on wednesday this week...this remix is a monster."
"wow, haven't heard such a killer laid back groove oldschool wise since a loooong time. takin me back into the early 90s. straight. good. very good"
Michael Rutten
"Great release Soo perfect for my HMD sets"
Severino Horse Meat Disco
"This is the funkiest thing I heard in a while, kyodai and opolopo remixes are also top notch, thank you"
"Excellent release here. Original is good but the remixes take it to the house floors and both work a treat. nice one"
"kyodai mix lovely all over it b"
Ben Westbeech
"Kyodai remix is ace!"
Neal Schtumm!
"bravo! supreme ep!"
Soulphiction/ Jackmate
"All very good!"
"Pablo Sanchez is Definitely getting my vote - Kyodai remix is eclectic. Thanks!"
Nicholas Sanchez