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Elements of Music - Instrumentals, Vol. 2

Elements of Music

Instrumentals, Vol. 2

LOA Records Ltd

Released: 29th January 2016 | 18 track instrumental (east coast) album

Hailing from Manassas in Virginia, EOM (or Elements of Music to give him his full title) is 27 year-old producer Daniel Carey.

Raised on a diet of hip-hop, soul, funk & jazz, EOM has become somewhat of an underground phenomenon. Primarily making his name as the go-to producer for ex-Def Jam rapper Wax, videos featuring his production work have racked up over 25 million views on YouTube. He has won a Juno award (best producer for the 2010 Shad K's 'TSOL' album), and has most recently collaborated with Anderson Paak - the main vocalist on the Dr Dre comeback album 'Straight Outta Compton' - with their track 'Get Along' (also featuring Blu) from the album 'Sunrain' subsequently being picked up by Nike for a worldwide ad campaign.

With GQ and MTV having also using his work and counting the likes of Dumbfounded, Shad and Asher Roth as fans of his beats (as well as collaborators), it's fair to say that EOM most definitely has the tangible beginnings of worldwide recognition.

Compiled by label boss Lack of Afro, 'Instrumentals. Volume 2' picks up where Volume 1 left off, bringing together some of the least well-known (but many of the best) EOM beats of the last 5 years. Many of the tracks have either gone under the radar or have never before seen the light of day. Simply put: it's soulful, instrumental hip-hop at its' finest.

From the bouncy opener 'Finish', the woozy 'Good Morning' & the quirky chops of 'Skatt' through to the big, horn-led 'A Rvlation'; the jazz guitar of 'Further' & the soulful head-nodder 'Jeremy's Drug', the album showcases a producer that has an innate understanding of the genre, whilst having a sound that's all his own.