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WOZ - Grains
12" Vinyl



Lobster Boy

Released: 10th March 2017 | 2 track house single

Ashley 'Woz' Westlake is back with a nod to the sounds that have inspired him. Moving away from the moodier melodies of his more recent writing, new tracks Celsius and Grain mark an exploration into some new techniques and sounds.

Feeling inspired after listening to some old bits from the great Terrance Parker and Kerri Chandler, Woz loaded a 909 into his Rytm and a vox, bongos and chords into a sampler with the intention of working on his workflow and having some fun. The end product was Celsius which was quickly snapped up by Lobster Boy and left Woz needing a second track for the release. He wanted to roll with the similar theme of giving his take on an older sound, so using the same workflow on the drum machine and sampler he wrote a track heavily inspired by his love for electro.