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Jellybass - Transatlantic
12" Vinyl
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Released: 31st March 2008 | 4 track ep
LoHz serve up a winning combination of Toronto's finest MC, 'Abdominal' and UK sub-melters 'Jellybass' resulting in a funk fuelled track bringing together elements of hip hop, breaks and dub. Transatlantic leads the way, closely followed by two bonus instrumental tracks from Jellybass; the first being an off the wall and widely popular swing/breaks track 'Vulgar'. The second delving into the deep dub underground with reggae and dubstep influences: 'Liquid Metal'. All three tracks do exactly what they say on the tin, a generous helping of feel good bass lines that won't fail to impress. Jellybass have been subject to the affection of Mr Scruff, Danny Breaks, Treva Whateva, A Skillz and Benji B. The previous Jellybass single also featured on the playlists of Domu on BBC Radio 1Xtra and Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 1.