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Airship, Dutch Uncles & Jo Rose - Love & Disaster 1

Airship, Dutch Uncles & Jo Rose

Love & Disaster 1

Love & Disaster

Released: 11th January 2010 | 3 track indie rock ep
This record is more than the sum of its parts; it's a collaborative effort by new Manchester recording artists who are currently making the city a very exciting place to be. Each of the featured artists on this record share a stage, an ethos, a practice room and a beer or two whilst being each other's biggest advocates. All acts are at different stages of their careers but it is mutual respect that has brought them together in agreeing to be on this record. Dutch Uncles are currently touring with Bombay Bicycle Club. Many new acts will list their supporters in press releases but ask any of The Futureheads, Baddies, Dananananaykroyd, Marc Riley, Maximo Park, Bombay Bicycle Club who their new favourite band is and the answer will most certainly be Dutch Uncles. New band Airship in 2009 have toured with Marmaduke Duke, Nine Black Alps and Editors and are currently busy preparing their debut album. Jo Rose was signed to Columbia Records at the tender age of 16 with his band Fear of Music and now begins to forge a solo career with this debut.