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Ether - Prejanka
12" Vinyl
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Lil Pitch

Released: 21st November 2011 | 4 track dubstep single
Lil Pitch Records celebrate their first release with a spectacular collaboration between Ether and Pinch, Bristol's dubstep godfather, Tectonic Recordings founder and resident DJ at London's Fabric.

Andrea Bracali and Francesco Bigazzi confirm themselves to be among the diamond points of Italy's electronic music scene, developing in a totally original way the already consolidated languages of abstract hip-hop, down tempo and skwee, represented here by 3 tracks on Side A. Flip for the Pinch remix, the ideal bridge between those beats that are typical of Ether and the dark and introspective atmospheres of dubstep.

Artwork by Mateo Rivano, Colombian painter whose singular style has gained the attention of art reviewers around the world. Limited edition, hand numbered pressing.