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DJ Earl - Blue Summer EP
12" Vinyl

DJ Earl

Blue Summer EP

Lil Pitch

Released: 4th March 2013 | 4 track garage ep

Lil Pitch's second releasefeaturestwo heavyweightsof contemporary electronicmusic asprotagonists.

Chicago born DJ Earl is one of the rising stars of the footwork phenomenon: apolyrhythmic genre coming from the black neighborhoods of Chicago, which has soul, funk, hip hop and ghetto housereminiscences as its trade-marks.

Simon Reynolds, one of the most influential music critics of the last twenty years, recently interviewed about his last work, Retromania, spoke about this new urban music's deviance in these terms: One thing I thought was really innovative was all this stuff from Chicago, the footwork stuff...That's one of the few things in recent years that has made my jaw drop a little bit.

So far, Earl's best outputs have been the tracks included inPlanet Mu's Bangs & Works and Ghettoteknitianz E.P. (introducing to the entire world the footwork/juke house genre); no doubt he is one of the most talented dj producers among the members of the notorious crew Ghetto Teknitianz (Rashad, Spinn and Traxman are its putative fathers).

Blue Summer E.P. is the title of the work that has sanctioned the beginning of a human and professional relationship between Earl and us at Lil Pitch.

It promises to be one of the best releases of the next months: not only because footwork seems to be pollinating electronic music craft in the UK (just think about tracks like Addison Groove's Footcrab or Machinedrum's and Kuedo's groundbreaking albums), backing uptheories like Paul Gilroy's Black Atlantic, but also for the presence of a remix from one of the most eclectic musicians of the last decade.

Blue Summer E.P. will include a fantastic reinterpretation by The Host (aka Boxcutter): a unique composer and original interpreter of genres (which in some cases he even anticipated): Irish born Barry Lynn lands on Lil Pitch giving it the status of cutting edge label.