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G.S. Schray - Gabriel
Vinyl LP
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G.S. Schray


Last Resort

Released: 10th February 2017 | 8 track new age electronic album

Gabriel S. Schray is a producer and musician living Stateside in Akron, Ohio, a city of 200,000 people. He's been making and putting out music for years, though save for an LP on Bark & Hiss in 2012, most of his work has been self-released. For his latest album he's partnered with Last Resort, a brand new London-based label born from the NTS Radio show of the same name. *Gabriel* is a sunny, mellow record, rich with light and emotion. None of its eight tracks are easily confined to any one genre, floating somewhere between ambient, new age and whatever style or sound you'd ascribe to The Durutti Column or Talk Talk. On a more modern tip, think Suzanne Kraft or Lord Of The Isles (minus the kick drums). Schray played all the various instruments himself, whittling down the final versions from their lengthy original recordings. The whole thing took him more than a year to complete—a labour of love assembled organically and with feeling.