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Ital & Halal - The Day After
12" Vinyl

Ital & Halal

The Day After

Lover's Rock

Released: 5th May 2014 | 4 track techno ep

Ital & Halal is the psychedelic new collaboration between shadowy producer Aurora Halal and Planet Mu's iconoclastic Ital. Recorded over six months, each track is a spiraling world unto itself, coursing between strobing club anthems and ephemeral headtrips. It opens up with the propulsive Ascension, its uplifting cosmic chords colliding with insistent rhythms, then leads to the softer, dubby melancholia of Phase 2.

On the B-side, The Thirst weaves paranoid, spectral voices in and out of focus against seedy, hypnotic techno. The Day After wakes up in the ruins of the night before.

The Day After follows closely on a string of stellar EPs from the recently-reinvigorated Lovers Rock, Ital's Throbbing/Nodding, and Earthen Sea's masterful drone/dub exploration Mirage, as well as Halal's solo debut Passageway on Mutual Dreaming.

Ital & Halal will perform their first and possibly only live performance Saturday April 5th at The Bunker's presentation of Unsound NYC.

"The pair’s material is shaping up to be one of the musical highlights of next year"
Juno Plus
"Full of bounding, kinetic energy... Halal shows she knows when to harness this"
Little White Earbuds
"Some of the last two years’ most inventive, interesting and downright fun dance music"
Juno Plus