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Various Artists - Lovers Rock no. 6
12" Vinyl

Various Artists

Lovers Rock no. 6

Lover's Rock

Released: 10th November 2014 | 4 track techno ep

Lovers Rock no. 6 is a compilation of four heavyweight selections from the nascent L.R. crew: flagship artist Earthen Sea, label boss Ital, Magic Touch's Damon Eliza Palermo and newcomer DJ Wey. The record opens with the breathtakingly sublime Beat 13, a timelessly mournful and instantly captivating piece that is easily Earthen Sea's best work to date. It's followed by the teeth-gritting bounce of DJ Wey's Nosebleed, a ferociously addictive gob of melted plastic drizzled atop a slamming martial beat and a strangely leering vocal break - all the jack of Chicago meeting the grit of NYC. Flipping it over, Damon Eliza Palermo leaves the dance floor behind and goes beatless on the spiraling, serenely cosmic Inner Realm. Ital's Resonant Chamber follows his lauded LP Endgame with a moment of shimmering contemplation, where metallic chords pan from side to side to create a kaleidoscopic hall of mirrors.