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Torpedo Boyz - Cum On Feel The Boyz
CD Album

Torpedo Boyz

Cum On Feel The Boyz


Released: 7th October 2013 | 11 track big beat album

The second album by Torpedo Boyz is now being officially re-released, includes the single The Disco Song and Japanaeeze Boyz.

Just the sort of jet-set cool we love. (Playboy Magazine)

Modern, postmodern, Torpedo Boyz! You cannot re-inent music. This is what Kentastic and Rollin Hand say. In 2004 the duo formed as Torpedo Boyz to put their extrordinary know-how about music, their creative drive as well as their fun on stage and behind the DJ booth into perspective.

Gimme A Bassline! was the track which had its simple message written all over the forehead. 500 vinyls were manufactured, sold out in a few days and were not re-pressed since. Why that? Simply because too much happened afterwards which had Torpedo Boyz hustlin' and bustlin' all over. Are You Talking To Me??? was the second single which is still a firm favourite on the DJ decks around the world and introduced the album Headache Music. In the meantime Start Being Nicer, the third single, developed into a veritable radio hit. Followed by live gigs in Germany, Switzerland and Russia as well as the show at the prestigious Fusion Festival which proved that here are more than a few DJ nerds, home producers and chief ckeckers twiddling knobs on their laptops. Torpedo Boyz are doing their thing beyond the independent mainstream and the investigations of the jazz police. Surely an entertaining little story which is waiting for the next chapter to be written.

This is why we now have Cum On Feel The Boyz. 11 new tracks out of the crazy laboratory of the Torpedo Boyz including the new single Japaneeze Boyz. What do we have here? Is it glambreaks, or discofolk? Kentastic and Rollin Hand know the score. You won't find samples on their hard-drive. Headache Music and Cum On Feel The Boyz are 100% live recordings. That is a treat for ears and brain alike, because Torpedo Boyz move themselves into a galaxy where anything goes and references are thrown overboard as needless ballast. Cum On Feel The Boyz will leave trainspotters speechless and put a smile on your face.

To make their vision become reality the duo enlisted a bunch of conspirative confidants. Returner. global traveller from Puerto Rico, is not only a mad MC but also a brilliant lyricist. ODD Daisuke comes from Hiroshima, is able to jump higher than two meters while rapping and produces technocratic electroclash as ODD. Bosem is a guitarist and bass player extraordinaire, but hates rehearsals. That is the reason why he does not join Torpedo Boyz on stage. Kurtis Bo lookes like Bonnie Prince Billy, lives in the woods and runs his guitar amp on solar energy. Together with Borat he is the rhythmical backbone of the band. Borat, the newest member of the collective, plays drums and loves The Beatles. A good explanation for his haircut.

Cum On Feel The Boyz sounds like the Learjet of independent club music. Stylish, innovative and versatile. Plus a bit of bragging about. But with style! Be warned: Big Beat is back in the musical dictionary after Chickee Pow. Disco Song of course is a disco song, but then again it's not. Don't Say No To Bo is the soundtrack to the coolest block-party since the invention of fireplugs. Cum On Feel The Boyz arrives on June 15, 2007. From autumn onwards Torpedo Boyz will be on tour.