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Eminemmylou - Muthabanjo



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Released: 11th February 2008 | 16 track pop rap/hip-hop album

Eminemmylou has had millions of hits online making her one of the UK's most-listened to artists. For months, she was simultaneously number 1 in the Myspace country charts and number 4 in the Myspace hip hop charts. Like Eminem mixed with Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash with Jay-Z, Eminemmylou is best known for single-handedly combining hip-hop with the Grand Ol' Opry, mixing rap and country to create Hip Hopry. Reviewers from her home town of Brighton to New York and Europe all agree, she's fun, fresh and a winning performer! Eminemmylou got into a battle rap with the Brighton hip hop heads, and then let loose on 50 Cent with her version of PIMP (LIMP), she does a battle rap to her ex hubby - Last Nail In The Coffin, and a tribute to Eminem with the Way I Am - country style with banjo. Eminemmylou wrote the song Missing Where Are You? Inspired by the nation's wish to find Madeleine McCann and is in aid of the charity Missing People. The song The People's Prayer featuring Tony Benn and Jesse Jackson was banned in 2003 for protesting against the war in Iraq.