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Eminemmylou & Legs MC - Missing (Where are you?)

Eminemmylou & Legs MC

Missing (Where are you?)

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Released: 10th December 2007 | 2 track pop rap/hip-hop single
Eminemmylou is the controversial country hip hop crossover artist who has been at the cause of much debate over her choice of musical direction and gaining nearly TWO MILLION HITS on her MySpace in 2007. 2007 has seen Eminemmylou hit Number One on the MySpace country Charts and number Four on the MySpace Hip Hop Chart for over six months. Eminemmylou receives over Over 2500 plays per day of her tracks on Myspace Eminemmylou is Brighton, England's first lady of Hip-Hopry, backed by banjo and drum samples and spitting bittersweet raps that are sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilariously satirical New York Cool Emmy is the very best of her genre. MAACAP ANTI RADIO are behind Eminemmylou 100% DJ Michael Anthony, MAACP Anti-Radio USA Eminemmylou launches her official Pod cast avail on I tunes in Febuary 2008. Playlisting, interviews and live sessions arranged for the release so far: Juice FM - Brighton Play Radio UK – national online Radio Reverb - Brighton Revolution – Manchester Ex Radio – Cardiff The Saint – Southampton Pirate FM – Cornwall Amplifye – Cornwall and Devon Juice FM – Liverpool Burst Radio – Bristol URF – Falmer Fresh Air FM – Edingburgh Burn FM – Birmingham LSR FM – Leeds Subcity FM – Glasgow A UK tour is being booked for March 2008. A PR team have been hired to work on Print media, Internet and Radio promotions from the beginning of February 2008.