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Latest Bill & Eminemmylou - Gatecrash Nashville

Latest Bill & Eminemmylou

Gatecrash Nashville

Latest Records

Released: 18th March 2013 | 17 track nashville sound album

Gram Parsons met Eminem and they had a metaphorical love child - Eminemmylou.

Emi would have loved to have got toether with the latest, greatest Harlan Howard, who wrote three chords and the truth. She heard an album, Is Love Love? by Latest Bill whose fantasy band included Heinrich Heine, Tadeusz Borowski, Harlan Howard, Willie Nelson, Robert Burns and Charles Bukowski.

So Emi got together with Latest Bill and they bought a bar with a great jukebox. In between listening to The Louvin Brothers, Tammy and George, Dwight Yoakam & Patty Loveless singing Send a Message to My Heart... they sat on bar stools and wrote songs that they thought felt like love and smelt like money. They recruited the best living musicians in the UK to play them - Nick Pynn on violin, Herbie 'Walk On The Wild Side' Flowers on bass, BJ Cole on pedal steel, Tom 'Pitch-Perfect' Arnold on drums, Big Bob Taylor on beautiful guitar - and the lovely Bernice MacDonald, Magdalena Reising and Hanna Burchell on vocals. It was all produced at the heart of Brighton's Music Row in Church Road Studios by Julian Tardo. They called their group The Harlan Howards and in tribute to the great man got married six times each. Emi and Bill also recorded a couple of his songs, 'Pick Me Up On Your Way Down' and 'Yours Love' and a few other favourite covers. Emi called the music 'hip hopry' and their banjo-driven cover of 'The Way I Am' on the album. Muthabanjo was listened to millions of times, by people all over the world.

Brighton has a thriving country-folk-singer-songwriter scene centred around Latest Musicbar, 50 yards from the pier and the sea.