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Trailer Trax

Gammera (Hexstatic Presents Trailer Trax)

Lower Level Records

Released: 22nd March 2010 | 3 track dubstep ep
Gammera is the first release from Robin Hexstatic's new imprint Lower Level Records and the first single from the forthcoming Hexstatic presents 'Trailer Trax' album. Inspired by Gammera, Godzilla's original nemesis, this release has the heavy beats and bass that only such a monster could inspire! Combining elements of dubstep and the sample mania that typifies Hexstatic, this mighty beast of a single will terrorise dance floors with it's awesome power! Crashing beats echo the marauding Gammera on his journey of destruction. Of course this being Hexstatic we also get this release in video form,..a super hot edit as only Hexstatic know how. The remixes take this even further with George Lenton delivering the sort of slow rumbling dubstep that has been impressing DJ's on Radio One. Building steadily, it falsely lulls you just before the halfway point, only to drop and return with the heaviest bass this side of Tokyo. A former DMC competitor his recent remix of MGMT's Weekend Wars pricked up many ears, and this menacing mix is set to take that reputation to the next level. Finally up steps our mysterious hero Akira Kiteshi who slices and dices his way through the track,..completely slaying it, in what can only be described as an insane glitch bass frenzy. This mix is hotter than Gammera's breath. After a slew of releases on Black Acre this master of analogue outboard production well and truly destroys this monster! Hexstatic have been consistently breaking new ground in Audio and Visual entertainment and this release sees them continue that journey, albeit in a slightly darker and more menacing form! GAMMERA!
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