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Various Artists - live-in music sampler
12" Vinyl
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Various Artists

live-in music sampler

live-in music

Released: 26th October 2009 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep
Especially for the vinyl junkies amongst us Live-in compiles the best of the best from its series of digitally released Electro Samplers onto one vinyl. The four tracks from producers across Europe, have been rumbling dancefloors throughout 2009 and typify Live-in's 'Filthy Electro Punk' sound. First up Robotwon's biggest club track to date, 'Clean Trigger'. With screeching, squealing bass lines and a sing out loud catchy hook 'Clean Trigger' has you grinding in the club and humming the hook all the way home, incessant, hypnotic and filthy. The A side is completed by a rave monster from Portuguese rocker Woman In Panic, 'Isomania'. A fusion of distorted guitars and drums with a haunting vocal line pronouncing 'we are not your slaves', topped of with a thick, grating bass line. On the flip GTRONIC is back with the awesome 'Die Hard'. A heavily charged bass line that winds and grinds its way from simply colossal to full on destructive as the wobble sets in and the LFO's start flying. The release is closed out with 'Before Dawn' by Andre Conde. Punchy, breaking drums and heavy rock hats drive this track as the melodies filter in to an awesome club drop with the obligatory big bass and all the trimmings at its peak. Out on the 26th October this Sampler, Live-in's first vinyl release, will appeal to indie kids, techno heads and heavy rockers alike. Its an ear busting, body shaking, record collection, must.