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Woman In Panic - Sad-O-Matic

Woman In Panic


live-in music

Released: 28th September 2009 | 5 track electroclash single
Woman in Panic follows up his 'Isomania' success with huge dancefloor single 'Sad-O-Matic'. The original track combines a raw and tearing bass line that morphs into a catchy, insipid melody, with heavy rock drums and a creaking vocal hook. The B side shows Pedro back to his electro rock roots with 'Smile Smile'. A beautifully written track with poppy tendencies built around a haunting 'The Cure'-esque vocal that adds humility to the otherwise dancefloor drums. Remix duties for Sad-O-Matic are threefold. First up London's favorite electro party maniacs 'The Loose Cannons' turn in a fierce, wobbly and dancefloor bashing re-flex of Sad-O-Matic. Purveyors of the finest good time electro the Cannons have again hit the nail square in the face with this mix. Secondly, fellow Portuguese electro rocker 'Vulkanik' joins the remix fun with a punchy, breaky cut of Sad-O-Matic, injecting power and pace into this ripping track. Lastly, but my no means least, 'Oxynucid' steps to the fore with a more atmospheric mix, combining his soaring Moog melodies and tape loops into a grooving techno rendition of Sad-O-Matic.