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Peverelist - 12,000 Seconds - Untitled


12,000 Seconds - Untitled

Magic + Dreams

Released: 10th November 2014 | 8 track leftfield/idm album

12,000 seconds is a new series of releases on MAGIC + DREAMS. The brief of 12,000 seconds is simple: all the artists are given the same set of eight track times: 0:06, 0:23, 1:11, 2:37, 3:03, 3:14, 4:20 and 6:06. They could do what they want, as long as they stuck to these exact times. The first in the series is by Peverelist, who should be a name known to all, as founder of the fantastic Punch Drunk label, one third of Livity Sound alongside Kowton and Asuzu, and as the producer of perfect tunes like 'Aztec Chant', 'Dance To The Police Come' and 'Infinity Is Now'. His collection for 12,000 seconds is, I think, the closest you are likely to come to a Pev album for the foreseeable future, and in my opinion some of his finest work. These tracks are full of signature Peverelistic rhythms, gorgeous melodies and interwoven synth-lines.