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Vi - 12,000 Seconds - Radio-Vi


12,000 Seconds - Radio-Vi

Magic + Dreams

Released: 10th November 2014 | 8 track leftfield/idm album

Vi (pronounced 'vee eye') is the audio project of Graeme Hogg, one of the founders of and still the lynchpin of The Cube Mircoplex in Bristol, legendary counter-cultural hub, underground cinema, concert venue and much more. He makes Mutant machine music that channels This Heat's maverick spirit and Pansonic's dystopian vision.

This is his first release, but follows over a decade of sporadic and seminal love shows, supporting DJ Rupture, Murcof, Max Eastley, The Radiohponic Workshop, Pole, Black Dice. In 2009 he did a tour of the entire coast of the greater Bristol Channel with a van and full of sound system gear and electronic instruments, and staging impromptu and probably illegal gigs along the way.