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Bass Clef - Interform Untunnel

Bass Clef

Interform Untunnel

Magic + Dreams

Released: 8th December 2017 | 2 track techno single

A digital release for these previously vinyl-only tracks, released this year on Will Bankhead's Trilogy Tapes. Bass Clef is an artist who has been releasing records over the past 12 years on labels like PAN, Punch Drunk, Helm's ALTER imprint, Public Information, We Can Elude Control, Mordant Music, and Rex Recordings, to name a few. These two tracks were the 50th release from the legendary Trilogy Tapes, who have releases from the likes of Rezzett, Bee Mask, Bullion, Call Super, A Made Up Sound and Beatrice Dillon.

Interform is a cruise through Bass Clef's take on some kind of dubby techno, swirling chors and percussion layers, underpinned by a brutal kick and a super deep bassline. Untunnel goes even further out, where all kinds of underwater samba rhythms swirl into a deranged coda.