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Daniel Haaksman - Gostoso Remix EP
12" Vinyl
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Daniel Haaksman

Gostoso Remix EP


Released: 28th September 2009 | 5 track ep
Man Recordings boss Daniel Haaksman returns with various remixes of his acclaimed EP release. With names such as Edu K, DJ Rob 3, Schlachthofbronx, Consistent and Joao Brasil, the Gostoso Remix EP mirrors the musical variety of Haaksmans productions and DJ sets. Edu K delivers - as a world debut - a Minimal Techno meets Forro interpretation of Kid Conga- Imagine Brasils Northen power folk meeting up in a Berlin techno club. For the same track Chicagos ghetto don Rob Threezy brings the big bass drums in his DJ Rob 3 remix, which will bang any Ghetto floor. Rio De Janeiros hot new talent Joao Brasil twists Kid Conga into a Tecno Brega track, the sizzling new sound of Brasils Amazon area. The B-Side opens with a straight four to the floor version of Deixa Tocar by Berlins Consistent (of Frontroom Records fame). Their remix picked the originals horns and mounted them on an irresistable, French house resembling, dancefloor filler, which already produced hands up in the air wherever played. The final remix of the EP is by Munichs Schlachthofbronx, who reworked Jesus featuring Tati Quebra Barraco and created a rough and rugged interpretation - call it Bavaria Soca Dancehall.