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Denvir Jet - Holloway 304

Denvir Jet

Holloway 304

Major Bill Records

Released: 12th November 2012 | 4 track surf revival ep

Fans of surf and instrumental guitar alike are going to love this new release by Denvir Jet. Upon listening you will undoubtedly make favourable comparisons with the likes of The Ventures, Dick Dale and The Shadows with the images and vibe that this music conjures up. But then it will hit you that the originator of these sounds is not a seasoned musician who has been honing his craft for years but a down to earth 9 year old boy with a passion and talent for composing and playing great guitar tracks influenced by his idols mentioned earlier. That's when the wow factor will set in and it begins to hit home just how good this boy really is! With three out of the four tracks featured on this release being totally original it offers something refreshing and new for fans of this genre of music. The most exciting thing of course is the fact that Denvirs recording career is only just starting. You ain't heard nothing yet!

"That's fantastic! 9 years old. Can you believe it?"
Bernie Keith, BBC Radio